Love always wins: start with the heretical act of self-love

People struggling to love themselves don't like it when you love yourself. And it is your job to get over the resistance. When you are so in your zone, when you are ignoring all judgment, when you are being heretical, breaking the rules by being okay with your wrinkles and gray hair and saying fuck [...]

Living on purpose: the call to expand or delete

Moving through the editing process of work written over two years ago is taxing. Every week 5000 words to my editor and every week processing her requested revisions. She has a lovely, self-proclaimed habit of encouraging authors with a seemingly innocuous three-word phrase: expand or delete. It is a cue meant to direct the author [...]

Enrich our world: choose vulnerability

It's coming up on two years since Mom died. In fact, Mother's Day will be the date two years ago that I received the call. And two years ago on Mother's Day was the last day and night I spent with Mom. Since I have been editing Body 2.0, the book, I have found myself in [...]

The freedom of adaptability: change is my bitch

How do you fear change? All humans fear change on some level. Some people have to have their day play out down to the minute. Others can go with the flow to some extent. I've learned over time in my practice and, most illustratively, in my own life that those best able to roll with [...]

Reaching escape velocity: being brave enough for instead

No meaningful accomplishment comes without desire. When you are staring down the fear of failure, "meh, whatever" is not going to cut it. We've all experienced it. There is that thing. You know, that thing you tell yourself that you want. That thing that you feel like you really, really want. But there you are [...]

Love and potential: finding the edge

A few days ago I was in the office for a full day of sessions. I coach individuals and partnerships on the ways of Aphrodite, sometimes that means sex, sometimes love, oftentimes both. As is appropriate, I feel deep passion and love for my job. My work feeds my spirit. I simultaneously feel accidentally lucky [...]

Claim your power: nipples, fipples, anarchy, and you

My life of late has been all nipples all the time. When considering my preventative double mastectomy, I was given the option by my surgeon to have a "nipple sparing" procedure. Of course, the whole point of embarking on this adventure was to reduce my risk of breast cancer. Nipples are breast tissue after all. [...]

Exceptional gifts: choosing to live on through organ donation

All morning I have been procrastinating writing this. Actually, I have put off writing this for a long while, but Mom's birthday this Friday and another letter in the mail has prompted me to sit here until the words come. This will be the second of Mom's birthdays since breast cancer took her last May. [...]

An incomplete unveiling: an excerpt from my life’s leisure

I've been working on a writing/meditation project for six years. It is the channeling of my mindvoice that has lived anonymously on various hard drives and in the cloud. On a whim and in the name of truthtelling, I grabbed a little over 500 words to share here, because why not? It is perfect right [...]

Switching sides of the bed: adventures in rule breaking

My Love and I have been working on a little project together. We look forward to sharing it in its entirety in black and white when it is complete. Until then, I couldn't hold back from posting a brief excerpt in the wake of our anniversary. As some of you may know, Brian and I [...]