People struggling to love themselves don’t like it when you love yourself. And it is your job to get over the resistance. When you are so in your zone, when you are ignoring all judgment, when you are being heretical, breaking the rules by being okay with your wrinkles and gray hair and saying fuck and ready to relinquish your possessions to live in 200 square feet or when you write run on sentences or buy the car you always wanted or vacation more than you ‘should’ or laugh louder and dance harder than most…well, a lot of people disapprove.

You know what? Let them eat their peas. Let them live in their small world. We have this vast expanse of love to share, dear ones!

When I create and connect with other humans who live awake I can feel their self-love. They believe in their purpose. They know they are magic in their own unique way.

When I reflect the truth of life: We are pushed or pulled out of a universal giver, a woman somewhere who may mean the world to you or nothing to you, may be in your life or be but a creation of your mind. We are then sustained in imperfect ways by humans who just happened to have been around longer than we have. Next we are thrust into responsibility and expectation to arrive at staring at ourselves in the mirror wondering why.


Simply to love yourself.

When you love yourself, you have love for others. When you love yourself, you give your energy freely. When you love yourself, you reflect love.

We are all mirrors for one another. All we do is reflect.

Questions abound: How purely do you reflect yourself? How purely can you reflect others? How much does your ego distort your mirror? How challenging is it for you to even look at all?

When what you see in your mirror feeds you, when you embrace your imperfections, when you channel your love of self, when you are gentle and graceful knowing love is the only option, you are committing a heretical act.

It is against convention, a cultural disobedience to reject judgment, shame, guilt, shoulds, and external expectation. Be bold. Stand strong in your love of self and others. Leave the anger, vitriol, and hate to those uninterested in love. It will be their undoing.

While those of us deep in love with ourselves surrounded by kindred spirits may struggle to meet injustice, inequality, and tragedy with patience, let us hold each other up. Make room in your life for only love.

Together we can act in only benevolence and peace. Together we can trust that love always wins.

Rainbow Me