Empowered Sexuality

Existing within a patriarchal culture affects every human’s sexuality. In our work together, we will reconnect to your power through unlearning the blocks to your pleasure and lifeforce. We examine the harmful myths and fallacies we have all internalized, shine light on the growth edge, and develop your own proactive erotic ethic. 

My clients are those who are ready to reclaim the power of their sexuality through the lens of not only the cognitive, but also the emotional, physical, and energetic. Together we create a path to more self-worship, pleasure, freedom, and authenticity.

Pleasure Principles

For those who are seeking their own personal pleasure retreat, I offer Pleasure Principles. Pleasure Principles is a four-session adventure for humans seeking to cultivate and transmute pleasure into the energy source that it is. Eliminating barriers, discovering your holistic pleasure practice, and evolving into the power of your own pleasure principles awaits.


I am also honored to be a Certified Bodysex Leader. Bodysex is the powerful empowerment method created by my mentor, the late Betty Dodson. Amplifying your connection to your pleasure, lifeforce, and power through Bodysex is a transformative experience. Whether you choose the experience of a circle or individual sessions, be prepared for a life change like no other.

Invest in You

Ready to dive in deeply to self-exploration regarding sex, sexuality, and intimacy? Krista’s private practice is based in Portland, Maine. She is available via telehealth and for destination multi-day intensives.