Consciousness Design

We are connected to everything through our consciousness. Consciousness design is the practice of honoring yourself as a sacred, indivisible creation of the multiverse. Recognizing you are worthy of your path begins with owning your power to share your gifts with the world. We begin with your questions and explorations and dive deep into investigating your blocks and growth edge from a vantage of openhearted wholeness and unity.

My clients are those feeling restless and keen to tune into their own inner wisdom and vibe up their conscious connection to all that is. We cocreate a powerful portal into your knowing, sensing, and feeling that is simply inhibited by your fear and comfort zone. Drawing on psychological awareness, quantum physics, and consciousness science, we find your edge and go beyond to build and train your relationship to your own intuition as the sacred connection to your intentionally designed life.

Align + Flow 

I also love to offer and share Align + Flow medicine sessions and circles. In these sessions, we cocreate a space to investigate where you feel misaligned and what you are being called to shift to realign to your flow. These sessions are deep dives into your subconscious to employ our intuitive intelligence to clear fears and self-limiting beliefs. As a Certified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer™, my role is to guide you to experience, attune, and refine your unique relationship to your superconscious intuition. Connect with me individually or gather your circle and let’s align and flow together.

Mentorships for Seers

For seers seeking to further develop your practice, devotion, and sacred service, I invite inquiries for mentorship. It can be a bewildering and isolating existence for those of us who are the bridge to conscious connection to Source for others. If you feel called, reach out and let’s feel into if we are a match for this sacred relationship.

Invest in You

Seeking guidance as you move deeper into your life journey? Krista’s private practice is based in Portland, Maine. She is available via telehealth and for destination multi-day intensives.