I have had a day filled with the influence of strong women.

I’m the biggest fan of a mama/daughter duo who change the world by relentlessly challenging how women ‘should’ move their bodies. Lifting weights and declaring Olympic hopes are risky endeavors for women, but they unapologetically volunteer to be seen on television and standing on a podium in front of the Olympic rings.

I read an article by a friend who encourages women to claim their erotic energy and bolsters them in their personal explorations. She holds women in their vulnerability with grace and skill.

I had a conversation with another mama who took her entire klatch of boys to the World Cup watching the women captivate the planet with their tenacity, unabashed work ethic, and well-earned bravado.

I met with two driven and larger-than-life entrepreneurs I am grateful to call friends. We bonded over the business they started that breaks the mold supporting humans in prioritizing their nutrition and wellness that brings us all back to the connection with ourselves.

I good-naturedly sparred with my editor over my next book fighting my instinct to censor my voice. Her pep talk was everything I needed to hear. Her counsel was to embrace my voice, to accept my intensity and my edge. I was thrilled to encourage her in her own writing and to invite her to take up as much space in the world as she could occupy.

Female control theory illustrates that women tend to be the limiters of other women. Too bossy at work? A woman will point it out. Too much cleavage in that dress? A woman will deliver the shaming glance. Too much passion for giving to others? A woman will verbally slap you down for stealing her thunder.

That’s not to say other genders don’t do it too. It’s just I always believed I could count on my sisters, that we shared a particular experience of the world. I can’t know all of what every woman has experienced in her life, yet I can willingly extend a knowing generosity to all women wishing them to succeed, to maximize the abundance in their lives. I want to be an ally in that. Women, I want you to know: Sister, I’ll hold your hand.

There was a stretch of time I was disillusioned, wondering if this female scarcity attitude was a feature not a bug. Today I learned the truth. There are women in the world willing to collaborate, willing to give you their last drop of water in the desert, willing to let you stand on their shoulders, willing to dance with you in the chaos trusting in the abundance. These are my people. There is no room for the rest.

Our lives are juicy and expansive. Together we revel in the abundance of sisterhood modeling for others that there is enough energy and space in the world for all of us. In fact, we leverage each other when we hold each other up.

Emily Taft Douglas said, “If women understood and exercised their power, they could remake the world.” I wholeheartedly agree, only if we do it together.

Lady Friendships