Unlearn Moderation


a human believing in or practicing religious heresy.
a human holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.

synonyms: dissenter, nonconformist, freethinker, iconoclast
antonyms: conformist

Unlearn Moderation is a challenge for readers to be heretical and truly connect, to the words and to the world around them. Following 39 revolutions: a utilitarian poetry creation, Krista Hammerbacher Haapala’s second poetry collection inspires introspection and catalyzes mindful action. As a counterpoint to the fly-by culture, the poet encourages the radical action of slowing down. This mindfood reminds readers to savor, indulge, and luxuriate in the excesses of love and life.

Reminding readers “every choice shapes the world,” Krista’s distinctive poetic style incites personal interpretation. Every thinker is invited to find their own unique application of her words. While the collection speaks its message of authenticity and connection, each work provokes the reader to find their own power in living awake.