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My resistance: I am not presidential property

I used to love politics. I spent my high school and college years volunteering, debating, and studying politics. The beauty of it, the part I loved the most, was the philosophical and policy discussions I'd have with friends with diverse opinions. Man, could we get rocking. Things would get heated. We'd all hone our arguments and positions to be sharp and efficient. Logic was held sacred. And being false in an argument was the ultimate shame. It was embarrassing enough [...]

2017: Demanding triumph

Such a year. 2016. I had expectations for it, awesome expectations. And that was my mistake: expectations. I think it would be an unusual thing to anticipate "this is the year my love will have strokes, be diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and then have brain surgery." Those are the things you don't think, the things you don't even realize you can think. The loss and medical drama were behind us. We had our fill, paid our dues, did [...]

2016: the year of the provocateur

I'm doing a lot of writing with little to none landing here. That's mostly due to the fact I'm delightfully balancing my practice and working/playing hard at CrossFit Beacon while I get ready for Body 2.0: the book to happen. With so much going on, my writing has been my sanctuary and refuge as it was while I was writing Body 2.0. It's raw, uncensored, incendiary even. I have no time to moderate my fire. As I work and play hard, [...]

Banish martyr mama: your fulfillment matters

Enthusiastic thumbs up if you're a mama who spends unfathomable hours driving your children around and supporting them at appointments and lessons and games and school. Yeah. Me too. It is most challenging for me to be mindfully in the moment during the hours I spend in the car alone while being taxi driver for my boys. When they are with me, we talk and connect. We make the most of that time and it feels awesome. When I am [...]

Tank tops and hard questions: one way to deal with Entitled Patriarchy Incarnate

So let's say you are running the errands after a morning at the office and a lunch talking shop with your dearest work friends. And you head into the pet store to grab some kitty litter feeling all happy you have such dear friends. You push your cart with a bounce in your step, stop in the litter aisle, and start to fill your cart, when you feel eyes on you. You turn around to see if in your blissful [...]

Female abundance: sister, I’ll hold your hand

I have had a day filled with the influence of strong women. I'm the biggest fan of a mama/daughter duo who change the world by relentlessly challenging how women 'should' move their bodies. Lifting weights and declaring Olympic hopes are risky endeavors for women, but they unapologetically volunteer to be seen on television and standing on a podium in front of the Olympic rings. I read an article by a friend who encourages women to claim their erotic energy and [...]

Love always wins: start with the heretical act of self-love

People struggling to love themselves don't like it when you love yourself. And it is your job to get over the resistance. When you are so in your zone, when you are ignoring all judgment, when you are being heretical, breaking the rules by being okay with your wrinkles and gray hair and saying fuck and ready to relinquish your possessions to live in 200 square feet or when you write run on sentences or buy the car you always [...]

“Unlearn Moderation” released!

I'm excited to announce the release of my second poetry collection Unlearn Moderation: Mindfood for Heretics. The theme of this project is human connection. We all must choose to risk vulnerability to authentically connect with our fellow earthly travelers. Steeped in our fly-by culture, we are being sold interaction as connection and it is just not the same. We must seek to unlearn moderation to remember how to love deeply and live awake. In honor of connection, all books purchased [...]

Living on purpose: the call to expand or delete

Moving through the editing process of work written over two years ago is taxing. Every week 5000 words to my editor and every week processing her requested revisions. She has a lovely, self-proclaimed habit of encouraging authors with a seemingly innocuous three-word phrase: expand or delete. It is a cue meant to direct the author into either further developing important themes or eliminating that which distracts from the truth of the story. Since I spend so much of my time [...]

Enrich our world: choose vulnerability

It's coming up on two years since Mom died. In fact, Mother's Day will be the date two years ago that I received the call. And two years ago on Mother's Day was the last day and night I spent with Mom. Since I have been editing Body 2.0, the book, I have found myself in a foreign place. My heart is on my sleeve like never before. I have always done my best to lead with compassion, to extend love [...]

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