I’m doing a lot of writing with little to none landing here. That’s mostly due to the fact I’m delightfully balancing my practice and working/playing hard at CrossFit Beacon while I get ready for Body 2.0: the book to happen. With so much going on, my writing has been my sanctuary and refuge as it was while I was writing Body 2.0. It’s raw, uncensored, incendiary even. I have no time to moderate my fire. As I work and play hard, I hit the keyboard to blow off steam so the result isn’t consumable by the faint of heart.

Recently though, I’ve settled into a new equilibrium without really noticing until now. It is a profound, undeniable positivity. It feels a lot like I was hiking with a stone in my shoe and I finally stopped to pour it out. I mean, I could carry on with it in my shoe, but why bother? Just be decisive. Take action. Get rid of the stone already. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also be able to move at a more effective, satisfying pace. All of your energy can now be directed at the goal rather that diverted into coping with the solvable annoyance.

Now that I’ve done that I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. It feels excellent. My resistance to being decisive is obliterated. The action feels exactly right. And with every action I conquer the part of me that formerly would try to factor in the reactions of others. I’ve learned that no matter how much finessing you do for yourself or others it doesn’t matter one bit. Change is change. Action is action. There will always be resistance to change.

When you recognize you shape your forever with the choice in every now, it can get heady. You can realize your power like never before, and also realize when you use your power you become a provocateur. People notice. People feel the energy. People want that for themselves too. And when they bump up against their resistance, they wonder why you aren’t. But you are! You are just most practiced and determined to stay in the action and the impact rather than be distracted by the negativity. They will get there if they want it too. Or they won’t. That is their choice and their choice alone.

As I contemplated this unintended experience of provocateur, I decided to wear it on my sleeve. I found myself seeing a new angle in Unlearn ModerationRecognizing that unlearning moderation is not something everyone will choose. I’ve let go of my judgment, of the ‘shoulds’ in living even for people who live in that space. It is not for me to weigh in on their choices despite the fact they may weigh in on mine. That is the unintended consequence in owning the provocateur.

When you live unapologetically in your power, people will push back. Pay no attention to any useless negativity coming at you. Distractions are a distraction for the distractible. Your decisiveness, action, and peace in your choices will create a dynamic, edgy life of your intentional making. Embrace your provocateur and savor the awesomeness!

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